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March 1, 2000: A Request from Mr. Chopra
March 2, 2000: Siva's Perfect Universe, by M
March 3, 2000: tHe kiD: when? does the dream begin, by gEn beRLin
March 4, 2000: Little notes about K from garbage pile, by O.H.
March 5, 2000: Arisings as an Interplay of Idea-stuff, by Greg Goode
March 6, 2000: HAHAHAH HA AND HOHOHOHO, by Michael Read
March 7, 2000: Compressed Information of Wound, Informs, Guides and Shapes Our World, by Gene Poole
March 8, 2000: Collapsing the Dualistic Paradigm, by Bruce Morgen
March 10, 2000: I have but one mission in life and that is to finish this sentence, by Rik Wallace
March 11, 2000: Mexico City Blues, by Jack Kerouac
March 12, 2000: Poem, by David Hodges
March 13, 2000: Force, Power, and Live Energy, by Andrew Macnab and Gene Poole
March 14, 2000: The Window Shopping for Guru is Done, by Alan Kuntz
March 15, 2000: Forecast of a Rebellion, by W. David Kubiak
March 16, 2000: In America, the teacher gets blamed for everything wrong, by Henry, et al.
March 17, 2000: The Experience of No-Self: A Contemplative Journey, by Bernadette Roberts
March 18, 2000: Halfway up the Mountain - The Error of Premature Claims to Enlightenment, by Mariana Caplan
March 19, 2000: Karma, Fate and World Process, by M
March 20, 2000: Grace, Grit and Laughter, by Alan Kuntz

March 1
A Request from Mr. Chopra
Deepak Chopra

John Metzger submitted the following to the Allspirit list:

Deepak Chopra was recently interviewed by Katie Couric on the Today Show. In all their wisdom, the producers chose not to air the segment in favor of a piece on the marry a millionaire scandal.

Deepak posted this on his website and is asking for your support to get the segement aired.

Read on...

Dear Friend,

I want to share with you a very interesting episode that has been unfolding over the past few days. It provides us a clue on how to use the seven biological responses explored in my new book, How To Know God. I had been scheduled to promote the book on the NBC Today Show for the past six months. I took a plane early this week from California to New York City, but my live appearance was bumped by the story of the man who had failed to reveal a restraining order before appearing on the show, Who wants to marry a millionaire? Consequently, I taped the show to be aired the next day. The interview went very well with Katie Couric, but later that evening the producer decided the interview was "too cerebral, too advanced," and unsuitable for their audience.

I spoke directly to one of the producers and asked her if she felt their audience was not bright enough to understand the material in the book and she responded, "maybe so." Although I suggested that they were underestimating the intelligence of their audience, they continue to maintain their position to not air the interview. This circumstance provided me with a great opportunity to explore the seven biological responses. I'd like to share with you my experience as an example of how we can deal with life's inevitable challenges.

My first response was obviously the fight/flight response.
I was irritable and wanted to argue and confront them. I held them responsible for this upset and was angry with them for not fulfilling their obligation. I quickly moved into a reactive response with my ego wanting to assert control and seeking to demonstrate how they were wrong and I was right. I stayed in the reactive response all evening, even encouraging my audiences to call the Today Show and request that the interview be aired.

The next morning I woke up, went into meditation and experienced the restful awareness response. I was able to step out of my conditioned patterns and see the world with new eyes. In this state of centered awareness, I was able to move into the intuitive response and ask myself, what was the deeper significance of this episode? The answer was immediate and obvious: the mainstream media is stuck in an old paradigm while the world is moving into a new one. I asked, how can we create something that has never been done before by eliciting the creative response? It became obvious that our new company, MyPotential is being formed to develop a multi-media approach that will nurture people in an evolutionary matter that acknowledges and supports their relationship with the larger web of life.

The visionary response then actualized as a result of the question: if we created such a company what would happen? It became obvious to me that if we could reach critical mass with a nurturing and evolutionary message, the world would never be the same. We could heal the wounds of our planet as expressed by the current media, which gives prime attention to a man accused of battering his former girlfriend just because he is a millionaire. We clearly need to raise the consciousness of our planet and use this episode as an opportunity to inspire us to a higher vision.

Finally, I had a taste of the sacred response through the experience of reverence and gratitude for a God that makes things happen just as they are supposed to and for providing me the opportunity to witness how my reality changes in different states of awareness. I felt love and appreciation for everyone engaged in this little drama.

This has been my experience and I am writing this letter as a learning exercise. I invite everyone who is reading this letter to join this conversation. Identify an incident in your life that is challenging you right now and see if you can look at it from these seven responses. If you have any experiences you would like to share, you can do so at our message board. A simple way to identify which response is predominant at any time is to ask yourself the following questions:

1st response: Am I running or fighting?
2nd response: Am I offended?
3rd response: Am I centered?
4th response: What is the deeper significance of this situation?
5th response: What can I create that never existed before?
6th response: How does this affect my relationship with the larger web of life and transform me and all those affected by my choices?
In such a situation what would Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Laotsu, Moses, or any other great heroic or archetypal figure that you admire do?
7th response: Does experience bring me a sense of awe, reverence for the sacred, connection with divine intelligence and love for all sentient beings?

If you would still like to view my interview on the Today Show, feel free to call NBC @ (212) 664-4249 or email them @, politely requesting them to air the interview and suggesting that there are many intelligent people who understand and appreciate topics of importance.

Finally, together we can use our daily challenges to begin a profound transformation in our lives and the lives of everyone that we love.




March 2
Siva's Perfect Universe
by M

This originally appeared on the Bhairava list

Slowly, slowly, by performing Ganga Sadhana you will blend your external consciousness with our most perfect universal consciousness. While sitting by the river, close enough to touch the water, on a rock or tree limb, you are truly uninvolved with everything but yourself. You are now in tune with nature itself. Earth is there. Water is there. Fire is there. Air is there. Akasha is there. All the five elements are there. They are outside of you to see and feel, as well as inside of you to see and feel. The goal is to release that part of your subconscious mind that doesn't blend the within of you with that which is outside of you. You perform this blending by listening to the river murmur, "Aum Namah Shivaya, Shivaya Namah Aum," the sounds of Shiva's perfect universe.

Now the challenge. This will not be an easy task. The quiet of the noise of nature will release thought after thought from your subconscious mind. So, when each new thought arises--a mental argument or something which has not been settled in your past, an appointment missed or an image of a loved one--gather up the pranic energy of the thought and put its vibrations into a leaf. To do this, hold the leaf in your right hand and project your prana into it along with thought. Then take the leaf into your two hands and release it with the thought patterns into the river. Let the river take them away, while listening to "Aum Namah Shivaya, Shivaya Namah Aum" of the river as it does. Each time this happens, thank the river by humbly offering into it a flower. To show appreciation is a quality of the soul, something not to be ignored, and, therefore, a vital part of this sadhana.

Sadhana is performing the same discipline over and over and over again. Just as we methodically exercise the physical body to build up its muscles, we perform spiritual disciplines over and over again to strengthen our spiritual, inner bodies. Perform Ganga Sadhana time and time again. You will rapidly advance. Remember, the outer river is symbolically representing the inner river of your own nerve system, life force and consciousness that flows through you night and day. So, even as you sit on this rock and look upon the water, in a mystical way, see it as your own superconscious energies taking away these problems, worries, doubts, ill-conceived and unresolved experiences of the past. Flow with the river of life and merge in Shiva's ocean of oneness.

March 3
tHe kiD: when? does the dream begin

a re-vision by gEn beRLin

c 2000
home zero press


naiad-- i of river.
satyr-- right counterpart. O
Juno-- why has thou sent harvestmen?
--Miranda Evans

CHAPTER ONE: One does the ONE or the Other




she thought, pondering the dream last night spent. Miranda mused at the variant colors of earth, so turned at the
tomb. The funeral pit. The coffin--casket, they'd said at the funeral store. It'd last many winters:
You don't ever have to decay these days.
I'LL BE BURNED BY A FIRE OF MY OWN DESIGN, she thinks, and she settles on the sea for her own


and then a touch.
a father's hand on the slight shoulder.
warm, beside.

". . .and dust to dust," said a man and Miranda
feels mortal and small.
". . .eternal life for some," he said, and she rubs the burning spot on the head, but cannot say it.
Miranda feels creation. She feels destruction. She marvels, weeps-grieves for the wonder of in-between.


stares at science atop the other side.
fixes on procreation, sneering from his place at the opposite edge.
looks at language, prose-posed precarious at the lip of the tomb--

and she listens to the abyss. And her heart sings mute.

I cast last vestige of family.
Funereal cant. DUST to DUST.
***we were dancing cheek to cheek**
Mother. Mother of P.T.A. cupcake snowcone--ironer of brownie scout ties-- of earthquakes and orange soda-- of
beautifully morning robed in burgandy Mother--
school knells-- Mother of HURRYHURRY
Quiet, Mother.

Sister Grace. Bunkbedded Grace above
my head. Teen trauma teen queen
Grace at table. Older Grace. Sweet, sweet

Rose. Still older Rose--Rose of order,
tidy, ineffable Rose. Dream Rose, sister
of immaculate closet floor--
a rose is a rose
to dust, to dust

and Miranda thinks:


And Miranda thinks:
I sit, pen-poised-ready. And stare at the page.
WRITE! I have in my possession a BIC ball point pen, medium blue, which I have just purchased at R.G.A. Great
paper, too: "College Ruled--"
**College Ruled-- now there's a thought.
I want to rage, to stain the moony white plane of the surface (mooney. Really, now.) Split and spill my guts and all
between the blue striped surface of my possibility.

I wait. I attempt:
**there was a fly upon the wall
**there was a young girl from Oakland,
and then I think. . .

And later she is at her sister Rose's funeral.

The dog doesn't care and he yawns in his paws.
I AM the girl with the curl on her forehead
and when she
was bad
she was horrid.

And I thought:
The human equivalent of immortality will cost you, if you are like most people. Huh death. Ah death.
I was, perhaps, like most people born screaming my head off-- a mess of blood and muck. BORN TO SOME
At three, perceived cette juxtaposition as a noun.
A place, perhaps. In Germany, I decided, surmised, guessed, deduced-- at three I
also thought Rumpelstilskin was one of those
Bible characters. Then the HeadlessHorseman
rode one night into a land where
Nebuchadrezzar munched grass like a cow.
It was possible. And I liked cows and i

Lot's wife had no name either,
but you, mother--
you didn't look back--
deposited a bundle of me
on a well-lit porch
near a well manicured garden
on a quiet street
before a flawless white house
which contained:
***of San Francisco***

Dr. & Mrs. E. of San Francisco, whose already
blooming daughters-two were much praised for
their beauty and their backhands in tennis. . .

Mr. Dr. Evans-- mad scientifical Bill-- whose
lab was deep dug in the cellar, in the bowels
of San Francisco. The abyss glowed, popped,
and bubbled day 'n night between his most
illuminating lectures at USF.

Mrs. Dr. Bill Evans, who kept it all clean and
kept them all beautiful. QUIET, MOTHER.

Bundled into this beautific bungalow
--a baby's dream--
--an orphan's Paradiso. . .
and Miranda thought:
Perhaps you looked back. Just a little.
Moved on-- maybe-- to Sinnenguilt, or
some-such place. Way on the other side
of the world.

then she thought:
Does it snow on the sea does
even snow as it does now on this leaden
grey land-scape?
Fair shapes loom over brittle earth
snowflakes might float
on the sea, but then
they'd be swallowed and merge.
Drown in the deep.
Forever. And ever. I, MIRANDA,I MORTAL.

This I think, as I thought in the moments
before entering the big black death car
(watch your step--somebody could get
killed!) This I think, just as I think that the
price of immortality is much too steep.

And I walk instead through the rows of
tombs--marble-streaked-etched into my mind.
Grieved and weak, I eventually sleep.

Pen-poised drops.



March 4
little notes about K from garbage pile
by O.H.

~~Yep, Kundalini rises in 3 nadis (subtle threads) up the spine area (not the actual spine - well, i know you know that, but just in case) Bigee in the middle, two less bigee's on either side (Sushumna, Ida and Pigala).

But, these are not the only nadis K "uses" - there are over 70,000 nadis throughout the body through which K has a jolly good time cleaning out ego gook (and of course, chakras have biggest piles.).

That is why each person's K experiences are different, because the flavor of the experience depends on what personal gook is being cleaned out. One may have visions, one may jump like a frog - this is not surprising however when one is small and green, one may see lights, one may feel depressed, and so on. These are just manifestations of the blockages in the nadis (and chakras) that dear K is working on.

~~K also "descends" - teachers and K experiencers have described the rising (from the base of spine) "and" the descending (from crown area)
of K. "Descending as a shower" is a common expression.

K will go up and fool around with lover (Shiva) but not "do" it many times (then she goes back down and rises again - the tease!) "Having drunk, having drunk, having again drunk," (Tantra), or she will whisper sweet nothings "I'm comin' darlin'" and this foreplay touches the pleasure buttons in our brains. We have an "experience" of insight, bliss, a glimpse of non-duality, and we think "Wow! i am realized!!
Better run and post on the NDS list."

But these "enightenments" will happen often before the big O, best to not take them so seriously, putting ego labels on them and all - maybe just sit back and enjoy. Besides, K not too happy with kinky threesomes, and has to go work then on getting rid of "I am realized" blockage in Nadi #53,467 - takes more time then 'til Precious Union.

"I was swept up to Thee by Thy beauty, and torn away from Thee by my own weight." St. Augustine

~~Don't think there could be more than one "life force," eh? K, chi, whatever, perhaps they are all the same energy, just different traditions naming them and working with them. Perhaps there is life force and it is called chi or it is called K or it is called Great Kangaroo - this is not surprising when one is large and brown, but when it is "awakened" to an intensity that begins to clean out all the chakras/nadis (beyond our control), than it is more commonly called K as in a Kundalini Awakening. However, some traditions "do" mention the Great Kangaroo awakening - there you go.

K has been described (Avalon's Serpent Power) as having two forms of energy at the same time: static (coiled potential energy at the base of spine), and dynamic (providing life's forces.) The energy expended in the life's forces does not take away energy from the coiled serpent - H.H. the Great Pair o' Docs.

"The whole is subtracted from the whole and yet the whole remains." (Upanishad).

When she's awakened, K as the life force is still doing her thing (albeit diminished proportionally as the lovemaking gets heated up), but the driving force is to unite with Her Lover above the crown (at that point life force is diminished so much body becomes very cold, corpse-like.).

"With his gentle hand he wounded my neck, And caused all my senses to be suspended."

~~When a being has their K running around very strongly or she's already up there smoking a cigarette, you touch their hand or even just get near them, or touch something they have touched, or look into their eyes, or see their picture, or even read their words on the net! (yep, happens a lot) your own K is aroused (In some people gets aroused very easily - horny little dickens.)

"I was as if the fire in the tree burned the tree as if the sweet smells of the winds of space took over the nostrils as if the doll of wax went up in flames. I saw Her Eyes and lost the world." Prabhu

~~Even though we may feel like it is coming from "outside," the only K we "feel" is inside us. Course it doesn't belong to us - formless, changeless, no boundaries/limitations, but you know all that stuff.

"The Spirit is playing, The Spirit is longing, The Spirit with fancy creating all, Surrenders himself to the bliss of love..Amid the flowers of His creation, He lingers in a kiss.. Blinded by their beauty, He rushes, He frolics, He dances, He whirls, He is all rapture, all bliss, in this play Free, Divine, in this love struggle."

Well, that's all - just some notes about K from garbage pile (maybe right, maybe wrong, maybe up, maybe down, maybe only H.H. the Great Jumper knows for sure) to do with what thou wilt.

love you all, oh

"I remained, lost in oblivion; My face I reclined on the Beloved. All ceased and I abandoned myself, Leaving my cares forgotten among the lilies." St.John


March 5
Arisings as an Interplay of Idea-stuff
Greg Goode, Ph.D., with Manchine

Greg: So -- sensory modalities, biology, physics, thoughts, information, external objects, all that stuff. We do science with it. But how can any of it be any more or less real than any of the rest?

Manchine: It's all real, although within a limited perception, and I can't stress the vital importance of that simple statement. If you see that the physical is false, you are perhaps loosing the most important clue as to what it is there for, as to why we are. So what is spiritual quest? The search of tranquility by ignoring? Don't think so.

Greg: You make a good point - there are perceptions that take all this stuff as real. And it can be the ultimate cop-out, putting one's head in the sand, to blithely say none of it's real. Often this is accompanied by self-indulgent or hurtful behavior. I'm sorry if I gave you this kind of impression, I don't want to. This was a kind of metaphysical topic with Roger, not everyday talk. I was using the "real/unreal" distinction the way they do in advaita vedanta - real is said to be permanent and independent; unreal is said to be transitory and dependent on something else. The purpose of our being here? How's this -- to find the Self, which is Love, and then to celebrate and love each other and all things as instances of that Self.

"The physical as false?" Funny you should mention that. I'll tell you a story about something that happened to me. In my case, the beliefs and experiences related to the physical realm fell away about 18 years ago, long before I knew anything about spiritual or mystical life. In the early 80's, I took a graduate seminar in George Berkeley. He's the guy who argued persuasively against the external, independent existence of physical objects. The popular tagline about Berkeley is this -- he's the guy who said that if a tree in the forest falls and there's no one to hear it, it doesn't make a sound. Our professor was a world-class Berkeley scholar and not a fair grader -- to get a good grade in the seminar, we had to write papers only in favor of Berkeley!! And his arguments were not what I'd call intuitive (though he is one of the most engaging philosophical stylists in the English language).

So we read and read and read. Long story short, there was a transformational point where physical objects lost once and for all their sense of externality and reality and heaviness and solidity. Including my own body. In 18 years or so, objects have never regained these qualities for me. Objects seemed and felt like they were made fully and completely of idea-stuff, appearances to mind, and not separate from me. (Back then I thought I *was* the mind.) I would ride a bike or learn to rollerblade in the city, lift weights, do bodybuilding. Yes I would avoid cars and trucks, and set the barbells down carefully. But there was no real separation between my body and other objects. Physical actions now had the feeling of lightness and clarity and insubstantiality of ideas. This includes physical pain, illness, injury, all of which stopped feeling like they were happening to me or my body, but rather just arising as an interplay of idea-stuff.

Now non-dualism has some *intellectual* teachings on this, but no way for it to work into experience unless a large enough "Shift Happens." A few years ago I was delighted and intrigued to encounter a Kashmir Shaivist form of yoga which cultivates the same kind of experience of the world.


March 6
by Michael Read

Here I sit in the wastelands of Portland feeling like a lone little non-dualist. Thinking about going to the Living Enrichment Center 11 am services. Thinking about not going to the services.

They talk about god there. The basic premise is that all 6 billion people on the planet are just manifestations of god. The vibration however, is separate. God is other, still, somehow. I sense this basic feeling of separateness in the good people worshipping there. As most of them come from the various christian sects - this makes sense.

As for me - HAHAHAH H and HOHOHO! I no longer believe in god. Jesus is/was not a saviour/messiah and buddha is/was not a lord. There is no thing that is divine or holy. There is no thing that is evil or corrupt. All is one. ALL IS BEAUTY.

I am starting to realize that what we call god is merely a manifestation of mind. Samhadi is an emotional state brought on by meditation, happenstance, drugs, fasting or luck :-)- nothing more. Oh yes I experience the bliss. Somehow it does not seem like an end, more it seems like a means to something else.

Me at the age of 15 staying up all night asking the universe (called it god then) why, Why, WHY! Why does anything exist at all? The answer was music and bliss flowing through me! :-) Driving along and hearing a voice telling me to 'be out of your body now' and exiting out of the top of my head, growing to about 50 feet tall. Realizing that I was not behind the wheel Reaching down to guide the car around the corner like it was a toy. Hearing the voice say, 'not bad, ok you can go back into your body now.'

Me as a youngster of 20 something. Having dreams and visions - questing after the answer. Going to India to see the guru maharaji - self proclaimed lord of the universe - now just another 'divine' con artist.

Ah India! Powers manifesting in me. Miracles abounding. More on this another time! HAHAHAH H and HOHOHOHO!

Me as a 50 something. Last year - mother dying - dead in April. Joining a chi kung study group with my best friend in May/June. Leaving that mini-cult in December! [-) Losing my friendship. Gaining my senses back.

Seeking to know the ANSWER like my hair was on fire! Awakening! :-)Hearing voices and seeing visions. Knowing oneness, seeing duality!

Awakening! Like a chick out of its shell. Like a tadpole dreaming. Like a caterpillar eating. What is next?

So. Does anybody know of any non-dualist realizer satsangers here in the greater Portland, OR area? I sure could use some company! :-)


Peace - Michael ********************************* neo responded: I no longer believe in god. As a quote from "City of Angels": "Some things are true if you believe in them or not." All Love, neo

********************************* I responded to neo!

What is it then, neo? Allah Allah Akbhar? Yahweh? Krsna? Jesu Christu? We have to leave buddhism out. That path is the great athiestic realization of oneness! Gautama replied that there is no soul, no atman.

To imply a soul is to imply separation. ;-)

But is buddhism the answer? I dearly love the image of the laughing buddha!

Perhaps god is like that capricious character on 'Star Trek'. You know the one - Q! Entire realities altered/created/destroyed with but the snap of a finger!

Perhaps god is like stodgy old YHWH. Stumping around mountain tops carving the law on stone, burning bushes and riding about on pillars of fire. All the while dreaming up contracts for the chosen.

Perhaps god is like Krishna. Our best friend who urges us onward. Live life with gusto, honor and determination. Fight the good fight and let Me sort out the rest.

Perhaps god is the standing wave that all of creation rests upon. That would be rather like the great turtle of some native American cultures.

No, neo, I no longer believe in god. To believe in god I have to see myself as separate from god. There is no god because god is everywhere. This is so beyond my understanding that I understand it completely! lazy 8 (where is that pesky infinity sign?)

What was that voice that directed me out of my body? What was that power that moved the car? What is that who dares to say I AM THAT?

What to do what to do! Enjoy! HAHAHAH HAH and HOHOHOHO


March 7
Compressed Information of Wound, Informs, Guides and Shapes Our World
by Gene Poole, with Marcia Paul and Xan

Gene: There is a way to understand what is going on with this question that you are dealing with, to wit: Thought, content, thought-form, core wound, and what is 'really going on' on a level of phenomenology. See below:

Marcia: Perhaps a thought form. The habitual form our thoughts take. In other words the form behind the content. The content continually comes through forms specific to each of us and laid down before language.

Xan: Can you show me this form our thoughts take with no content?

Marcia: I may be just connecting things that don't connect but I was thinking about the core wound and how it might mold our thoughts. No matter what was coming in or going out would be molded by these forms. In the Gurdjieff work it is called chief feature. The central axis around which our personality rotates. Like is sieve with holes structured a certain way.

Xan: Yes, the ongoing impact of core wound/chief feature. I've also heard it called the core belief and the personal law. Does that exist without thought?

Marcia: I am not saying I think this is true but that might be an example of a thought form. That belief behind individual thoughts gives shape to the resulting thought.

Xan: Is there belief without thought?

Marcia: This is how I look at it. Thought is structured by words or has it's basis in language. At least ordinary or one-centered thought. Our beliefs we got before language and they form our thoughts. Or are the forms through which the energy of our existence take form in thoughts. Our beliefs are unexamined. Thoughts we introspect all the time.

In myself, for example, I might have all sorts of thoughts about how someone doesn't like me or even the dog may not like me for some reason. Behind that is the sense that if I do not approach someone in the right way then he/she will not like me. But behind that is a belief that somehow I am worthless and that I have to earn love. So I spend my life taking care of everyone never examining the motivating belief that shapes all my thoughts that I am somehow worthless and unworthy of being loved.

Now don't get me wrong. Taking care of people and nurturing is great if the focus is not on me, me, me trying to fill this "worthless hole" in my psyche. My greatest weakness is also my greatest strength and the behavior may not externally change much at all.

Xan: So you are saying, Marcia, that belief is thought at an unconscious level of mind?

Unconscious as well as conscious mind functions as sounds and words, images and body sensations. Even as pre-verbal memory, a sense of worthlessness is an evaluation, an interpretation, an identity. These are thoughts, are they not?

Gene: I have discovered that the information which remains with us, as the result of wounding (most especially when we are children) is indeed in the forms that Xan and Marcia point out; sounds, words, images, and body sensations. However (and this is a big however!), this residual information of wound, is stored in a _compressed format_.

Non-wound information is stored in uncompressed format; we have the ability to easily access and endlessly ruminate this non-compressed information. Most of what is shared here, is in non-compressed format.

It is useful to know something about data-compression; the easiest examples to know, are the common data-compression formats used to convert large files into smaller files, for transmission over electronic networks, like the internet.

Filenames which have the suffix of [.zip, .tar] for PCs, or [.sit, .bin, .hqx] for Mac, indicate that such files are compressed; they have been rendered into smaller size by the rearranging of certain bits of data. Such files can be uploaded/downloaded much faster than their uncompressed versions. Each file must be uncompressed before it can be used; but sometimes, such files are made simply for the reason that they take up less disk space than their uncompressed versions.


Psyche reacts by stuffing (archiving) information which threatens identity.

The chief characteristic of these stuffed archives of wound-data, is that *although* they are available for our access, they 'play back' at such a tremendous speed, that they are literally incomprehensible to the conscious mind. As they play back in us (usually experienced as an undesired event in itself), the speed of the playback induces a physical vertigo; this is often experienced as a 'veritable blow' to oneself.


Exposure to this instant/incomprehensible information _again_ threatens identity; shockingly instantaneous feelings of _depersonalization_ occur, along with a cascade of emotions and the concurrent physiological flooding of the brain with the neurohormonal byproducts of psychological association.

During high-speed playback, compressed data-files deposit or inject certain _subliminal_ cues; these cues prompt emotional reaction of _desire_ and _aversion_. Although the specifics of the information of wound are still unseen, the consequence of triggering the instant yet incomprehensible playback of this compressed data, may be experienced as _violence_.

The skilled psychotherapist can actuate the 'algorithm of decompression', to allow the real-time playback of the information of wound. A human system which is capable of compressing and archiving information, is also capable of uncompressing that information. Uncompressed, the information of wound is available for real-time rumination.


Yet, it remains unaccessible to the conscious mind. Searching the memory for significant points of attachment may trigger high-speed playback; the vertigo, the 'blow' to oneself, and the concurrent feelings of aversion and desire, serve as a punishing conditioning to keep us OUT of our own information-archives.

Although the information of wound is indeed composed of the same comprehensible 'thought-forms' as any other datum of thought, it is 'a lot in a small space'; it is kept compressed and in pressurized format. Consider that this entire post could be reduced to the size of a single period (.), but also that considerable energy would have to be continually expended to keep it compressed.


The energy required to keep information hidden from ourselves, is subtracted form the pool of energy available for us. This effect is noticed as fatigue and diminished immunity; the other more obvious effect is that of being 'on-edge', irritable, and defensive.


The unconscious activity of repression (compressing unwanted data) creates pressure which results in the spontaneous and automatic phenomenon of _projection_. In this way, we surround ourselves with a 'virtual reality field' of our own making; it is composed of the very factors which we least want to confront. Fear, resentment and blame are the most common reactions to our own projections. It is very common for a person to see themselves as perpetually suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, while the entire time remaining unaware that they are interacting with a reality of their own making.


It is possible to _learn_ to allow the uncompression of repressed information of wound; it is possible to adopt the practice of _abiding_ the storm of effects which occur during this decompression process. It is possible to learn to let go of the reactions of aversion and desire which inevitably are triggered during either high-speed or real-time playback of memory-contents; it is possible to categorize every reaction as either aversion or desire, and thus to become aware of _attachment_ as it exists as a primary mechanism of the human Being.

'Attachment to outcome' is what underlies every strategy; to let go of attachment to outcome, allows the falling away of strategizing as a way of Being. Releasing strategy sets us up to free-fall into Self, with no 'escape route' or 'back door' retained 'just in case'. This _radical_ release of attachment is without penalty, yet, it is the most difficult of all acts to perform. To perform this act, requires practice of abiding, carried out as a 'walking meditation' 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It is when we finally realize that our reality is our own, that we are able to own our reality; it is at this point, that resentment, blame, and revenge lose their powerful grip on our selves.


There is only SELF; there is nothing to contrast with Self. Therefore, there is nothing for Self to be 'like'; thus, Self is 'like nothing'.


All versions of self are Self. Self has the power to forget about Self, and to remember Self. Identity is a defacto hypostasis, a crystalization of information, a hardness comprised of compressed nuggets of wound-information. Reaction is to projected contents of memory. All of what is known, is what has been known. All of what is known, is not Self, it is a version of Self known as identity. All of what can be known, is Self, but Self masquerades as the Unknown, and the future is the unknown; thus, we are "all going to meet ourselves" as Self 'in the future'. Anticipating this event, which is felt to to be release from suffering, we are impatient and thus do not abide. Nonabiding Beings do not abide Beings abiding...

Summary: Compressed information of wound, informs, guides and shapes our world; the violent flashback-effect of high-speed playback of compressed data, calls for that data to be uncompressed and experienced in real-time. Avoidance of unwanted information is the primary strategy which supports the continuance of identity. To abide, is to slow the playback of compressed data, and to tolerate the effects of our own attachments as they are activated as either aversion or desire.


Upon the dawning of the realization that we create our own reality, the fight comes to an end. Projections are withdrawn, and resentment is no longer used as fuel for action. We acquire a deep understanding of our own nature, and see that compassion is the highest power; we appreciate that we are designed in such a way as to punish ourselves for nonabiding, and that the key to abiding is compassion for oneself.


Life is momentum and momentum is movement. As long as we live, we move. As long as we live, we will either be reacting to our unwanted/projected 'contents', or we will be in understanding of our human nature, and abiding it in all of its complexity and simplicity. Such abiding of oneself, is compassion for oneself. Compassion can inform the inevitable movement of life.


March 8 & 9
Collapsing the Dualistic Paradigm
by Bruce Morgen
(Selections from 'Words of Wisdom')

The past is dead, the future is imaginary, the one and only abode of the truly sacred is the eternal now moment. The recurring cry of the charlatan and the hoodwinked is "wait and see."

The fact is that the future is intrinsically unknown, and it is the nature of thought to attempt to predict it -- but what does thought have to work with in its attempt to forecast the coming years, months, days, hours, or even minutes? The answer is that thought can only imagine the future from knowledge, which is information acquired in the past, and therefore, in the words of the sentencing jurist, "dead, dead, dead."

Thought, manifesting as ego, is a survival tool by nature and thus fears its own extinction. Because the future is inherently unknown, the thought-full consciousness cannot face that which contains the very real possiblity of that dreaded ego-death. It marshals all its resources, comprising knowledge, and replaces the fearful unknown with the resulting concocted "future."

Thus does ego imagine its way into the illusion of psychological security, and in the process preclude the exclusively in-the-moment advent of the truly sacred, which theists call "God." That is also why people like Benjamin Creme, who encourage future-fixated consciousness aka "wishful thinking," are, by their actions and announced intentions, clearly opposed to the living, actual "God!"


Into meditative silence, there is an indescribable occurence, a movement that is nonetheless utter stillness. It is revelation, it is utterly transformational and not of thought or of the senses. All we can do is muster all our commitment, our personal integrity, our sincerity, and invest it in silent perceptual clarity. The rest is out of human control, a matter of grace, the mystery of what you call "Holy Spirit" and I call "the truly sacred." It is done, but human intention is not the doer.


Feeling "I am" is itself a spontaneous occurrence, any accompanying behavior may therefore also appear to be spontaneous, that is, without detectable cause or motive.

The action of "I am" is intrinsic to state and circumstance, it is choiceless -- a kiss or a kick, at love's behest! The washing of feet, the overturning of tables -- love, all of it....


There are times, beloved companion, that I see violence as a cruel, serrated blade driven though the heart of our species, century after century, by the ambitions of (wo)men bereft of love. This violence is more than war and the shed blood of armed combatants, it is also in the "non-violent" politics of "economic" sanctions that starve and sicken innocents for the transgressions of the tyrants who rule them, and in the fear of ordinary folk who never know where or when a terrorist "martyr" will strike, armed with Torah or Koran verses assuring the righteousness of the murderous deed. Bodhisattva can only weep.


"Christ" is an anglicized variant of a Greek word with the literal meaning of "anointed." It originated as the closest koine approximation for the Hebrew term "moshiach" -- the promised Messiah of Old Testament prophecy, the "anointed of G-d."

As often happens when ones modus operandi is experiential rather than formally philosophical or religious, "The Christ" has taken on a different meaning and function here. "The Christ" is really a perceptual mode that encompasses the collapse of the dualistic paradigm, it is Ruben Feldman's "unitary perception," J. Krishnamurti's "great meditation," Saumen Sengupta's "what is," the in-the-moment revelation that theistic language diminishes to "G-d," it is rightful embodiment of the truly sacred -- it is bodhisattva. It is emphatically not a particular human being, dead or otherwise, but rather an "anointing" that is the birthright and original state of human consciousness.

It is also a symbol worthy of shattering -- and that shattering is also "The Christ," in action rather than as static symbol. So, let us by all means kick the symbolic Christ off the shelf and sweep up what shards remain -- the actual, historical Jesus would surely have done the same. In that shattering moment, let there be the actual Christ, the great revelational perceptual unity that renders all symbols and images moot, spent catalysts at best.

The anointer and the anointed are surely one, and let no (wo)man put asunder! Amen.


Ultimately, the only truly indispensible yoga and "path" is life itself, which I suppose is karma yoga whether we call it that or not.


March 10
I Have But One Mission in Life and That Is to Finish This Sentence.

by Rik Wallace

To be frank
would be dishonest
as I AM.

I have nothing really to say about nonduality, so perhaps I'll humbly offer some perception-altering distractions in which you are free to find "wisdom" if you find such pursuits entertaining.

A page on this site credited to the name "Harsha" contained the phrase "You are already Wide Awake!"

So what.

I am not a Sage. I am not even ordinary.

I AM means nothing to me.

If you find wisdom in these words, then why are you reading them?

If you want my opinion, I will NOT give it to you, as your own are causing you enough problems as it is.

However I will offer advice freely as I find it confusing and would rather dispense it.

But for wisdom... sorry, you are on your own.

What makes 'non-duality' so special? As if there were an option...

'Here' is a word of advice.

I have but one mission in life and that is to finish this sentence.

Now that I have completed that one, I would like to be reincarnated as the next sentence.

The greatest tradeoff of living life in full awareness is missing out on what you aren't paying attention to. The greatest pity is that you don't even notice.

So if I spend every moment obsessed with worries, regrets, and distractions, do I not have Buddha nature?

Aleister Crowley is known for quoting, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." Now I am too.

'Non-violence' is indeed the supreme principle.

Your demons cannot hurt you, because there are no demons.

You are free to believe as you wish, so long as it is the truth.

Why would you want to be a sage, when there are so many other valid career options?

The perception that sages are more ordinary than the rest of us can lead to a profound sense of confusion.

Have compassion for sages - they know not what they do.

I would like to be remembered as someone long forgotten.

I am you in another life.

In my age I frequently forget details of my past, but they soon reappear, much to my dismay. Call it karma.

Forgive me - I haven't had an original memory in several seconds.

I can't seem to shake my attachment to this language thing. When I went blank a moment ago, I thought "Yes!" so I'm still
typing in English. Dang.

So, like, I'm reading this email, right?...and I'm thinking to this person "What an idiot! You have no clue!" And then I remember
I'm proofreading what I wrote myself
just a minute ago. Funny that it's so easy to forget who I'm criticizing from moment to moment, and I just chalk it up to
self-consciousness. I need to have more
compassion for myself... we're all one afterall.

Everything is connected by utter randomness.

Here'a controversial thought to ponder.

This just goes to show what can happen when you place consideration of others' words above your own.

Who is the voice in your head.

The attainment of nondual awareness has already happened many times when you weren't looking.

The only way my words are relevant to your search is that you know you are reading them. Deal with it.

Let's face it - nonduality is a no-brainer.
It takes no effort to experience. Everyone does it all the time without noticing. Yet it's all anyone yaps about. If you doubt me,
shut up, smile, and just look for yourself.

"So baby, like what are you doing when you're not paying attention?"


That has nothing to do with nonduality.

Perhaps there is nothing more to this than
'you like to think'.

Yes, my love, it is true I do not want to hear that my words have inspired you, that they have moved you, that they have given
you meaning. Mere words cannot change
they way you are, and they can give you nothing that you have not already. Please forget my words, and I will do what I must,
my love, to help you forget me.

Forget what was said.

I grant you 'this'.

Are you happy? Are you really happy?
Your answer is of concern.

If you are still reading, be assured, from the depths of my heart that I haven't noticed.

I cannot help but to care enough about you not to.

Love is indeed the supreme principle.



a name="10">March 11
Mexico City Blues
by Jack Kerouac
Selections courtesy of John Metzger and Allspirit

111th Chorus

I didnt attain nothin
When I attained Highest
Known in Sanskrit as
Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi

I attained absolutely nothing,
Nothing came over me,
nothing was realizable---

In dropping all false conceptions
of anything at all
I even dropped my conception
of highest old wisdom
And turned to the world,
a Buddha inside,
And said nothing.

People ask me questions
about tomatos robbing the vine
and rotting on the vine
and I had no idea
what I was thinking about

and abided
in blank ecstasy

66th Chorus
Dharma law
All things is made
of the same thing
which is a nothing

All nothings are the same
as somethings
the somethings
are no-nothings,
equally blank

is the whole scene
when you let your eyes
wander beyond the mules
and the fields and carpets
and bottles on the floor
and clean mahogany radios,
dont be afraid
the raid hasnt started
panic you not
day the better
arriveth soon
And the gist of it Nothing-ness

Jack Kerouac, Mexico City Blues


March 12
by David Hodges

If the dream
I had last night
Had a message,
It still hasn't reached me.

Midnight, but night roars!
There is no one coming.
My bed can wait.

Rescuing me from myself
Is high on the list
Of no one in particular.

I sit and write.
Steps on the landing -
My neighbors' voices!

I woke up shaking
From this dream:
Thank God I have such an enemy!


March 13
Force, Power, and Live Energy
by Andrew Macnab and Gene Poole

ANDREW: This afternoon I walked along a clifftop on the edge of the sea in the fog and a strong onshore wind. Gulls soared into sight, almost near enough to touch then were almost immediately gone in the fog. I could see the constant small shape adjustments they made to their wings in the turbulent air. The fog blew over the cliff edge in strands and swirls and chunks. Back from the edge the spruce and fir trees were fragrant and dripping and buds of this year's new growth were just starting to swell on every branchtip. Everything was permeated by the sound of the surf and the wind in the trees. It was all live energy at play.

GENE POOLE: Beautiful, and thank you. Yes, that is how it is. Minute changes in self-definition (outline of boundary) regulates how we experience the universe. It is possible to soar on the updraft of energy, which is shared by others. I soar on this description of seaside vitality.

If i want my universe to be smooth, I make my self-definition smooth; my boundaries shape how the universe feels to me. Thank you for joining me, in this adventure of forming the "best possible reality".

This is derived from the excellent book, _Power VS Force_, by David Hawkins, MD.

The basic concept is this:

_1 Power is 'all that there is' and the highest power is _compassion_.

_2 Power and force 'are the same thing but in different phase', like water and ice. This is not really an accurate analysis, but one must be aware that power and force interchange in predictable ways.

_3 Force is the moving form of power.

_4 The use of force is the expenditure (giving away) of power.

_5 Abiding in power is to limit the use of force.

_6 The application of force is the transferring of that much power to the person who the force is applied to. This can be seen in the application of martial arts, such as Aikido and Judo. The force of the attacker is taken and used as power by the defender. A skilled martial artist who uses this principle is not only 'virtually invulnerable' to attack, but also will never be attacked.

Essentially, this seems to be an immutable law of the Living Universe. It is also consistent with the Tao Teh Ching and Taoism.

If one understands this principle, many doors can open.

Using this principle, it is possible to transfer power to another person (or animal), for purposes of healing. A simple example of this is bodywork and massage. The force expended by one, is received as power by another.

Our inner use of force is one thing that I always comment upon. If we use force on ourselves, we create an inner dynamic of energy-transmutation which results in vortex-like patterns of chaos. This is seen as the patterns of chronic degenerative disease; the repeated application of force in _repression_ results in a localized blockage of power. This unfortunate occurrence is all too common and is called psychosomatic disease syndrome'.

It occurs to me that all disease is actually 'psychosomatic' and that the 'miraculous' spontaneous remissions from fatal illness are actually the consequence of the letting-go of the criteria which was responsible for the improper application of force, IE, repression.

Here is a memorizer to aid in remembering this principle:

"Your force is my power".

What is visible here, is that the use of force is tightly regulated by the Living Universe. It works out to be a learning experience, and those entities who do not learn, perish, and thus take their genes out of the pool. This inevitable event is leading to a universal awareness of the Power VS Force equation, as the living members of our species have less tendency to misuse power, due to the deaths of those who have misused it in the past.

After several years of awareness of this principle, I can now sense very subtle tentacles of power, when they reach out to me as force. I do with them as I wish.

It is quite easy to _not accept force_ when it comes; this is what I mean by _abiding_. To abide is to remain in power.

Consider: If one is attacked, insulted, etc, the attacker is actually _giving away_ power; and the temptation is to immediately take that power (which came as force) and re-send it as force, right back at the attacker. "It serves them right". Equally, flattery can be weakening. To be taken out of abiding by 'compliments' and flattery is merely a more subtle form of attack. To abide is to be aware of the potential of power and force, and the balance which results from the correctly implemented application of this awareness.

Sending _force_ back to an attacker is to participate in an activity which is weakening the sender and the re-sender. Responding to attack or flattery is to lose balance.

Re-sending force is commonly called _resentment_; this ping-pong game is one that has no winners.

To _abide_ is to remain in power. To abide is to deny the temptation to re-send force. This is what Jesus referred to when he advocated 'turning the other cheek'.

On the other hand, this letter is itself, the sharing of power as force. I give it away, freely, because I have a lot of it. And I really appreciate those who also generously give power as force in this sort of context. I point this out to assure you that 'nothing is wrong' with sharing power.

Power-Exchange is what is happening in cooperative human ventures, in which each individual benefits by the participation of each other individual. The failure of human community is caused by unconsciousness of this principle; the success of any venture is guaranteed, if this principle is adhered to. We can each feed each-other, we can each share and become stronger and wiser. Everyone can learn to walk in balance. The fatal bugaboo is the socially encultured habit of resentment. "Get off it", I say.

ANDREW MACNAB: Especially (but not only) in the context of the internal martial arts (tai chi, hsing i, bagua, aikido, etc.), force is dead energy. It's mechanical, stiff, unresponsive, insensitive. Live energy is springy, supple, responsive, sensitive, creative. I see your letter and this response not as force but as issuing of live energy. This afternoon I walked along a clifftop on the edge of the sea in the fog and a strong onshore wind. Gulls soared into sight, almost near enough to touch then were almost immediately gone in the fog. I could see the constant small shape adjustments they made to their wings in the turbulent air. The fog blew over the cliff edge in strands and swirls and chunks. Back from the edge the spruce and fir trees were fragrant and dripping and buds of this year's new growth were just starting to swell on every branchtip. Everything was permeated by the sound of the surf and the wind in the trees. It was all live energy at play.

GENE POOLE: Yes. I take your point. I see 'force' as a neutral energy; it is mine to use however I wish. Force is like the arrow that is launched from the bow. Once it has been launched, it is a 'dumb force', as it is called in physics. It just goes, predictably, until it runs out. Really, nothing is required in response, or, we can respond as we see fit, as you have.

Thank you for receiving my words as you have. I have called 'live energy' as 'power' in my little dissertation. I am power. I am very relieved, and appreciative, that my words are seen as power by you. Really, though, once I launch words onto this list or into print, they become a 'neutral force', to be taken however they are taken, by anyone who reads. I do not deny that there is power in what I present; in fact, it is my wish to share power with anyone who wants it. So I share as I do.


March 14
The Window Shopping for Guru is Done
by Alan Kuntz
from Contemplativeclectic

There is Only one Guru for me and it really is that which is in one's utmost honest heart..I don't care who that might be in your own heart mind.. Many people in the western world would have completely thrown out christianity without the intervention of people like Thich Nhat hahn and Zen Buddhism in particular..The east has met the west and there is a new paradigm, a new reality where Buddhist from the eastern world can bow down in front of the buddha statues and chant the suttras along side a Buddhist in the western grain who can also bow down and chant in front of the Buddha, Jesus and the Saints and Patriarchs.I
have often felt I had to give up my personal inclination to Jesus and soley adapt icons of Buddhism but I just want to say to those who have these thoughts and confusions about Christ and then tie christ into all the b.s of churchianity and christian ritual that you don't have to do that and to stop it.For some there just is no other Guru and that model or archetype has to fit ones heart ..There simply is no other guru than the Guru that is in ones heart..All other Gurus are simply brothers and sisters friends and yes teachers but yes you have to acknowledge the guru in you....All other gurus are a dead thing, they dont exist.So if you listers out here who might be trying to push a square peg in a round hole ....forget it..The window shopping for Guru is done but to hear the Guru we have to listen to everyone,every teacher, every way..My Guru says this and I want to follow and I have no idea sometimes where he is going..He makes me look through all of the windows and says shop ,shop, shop..Listen, Listen, Listen. Seek,seek seek until you find,Knock and the door will be opened,some yield ten fold,some a hundred, some a thousand,some bury it,some forget it,some dont see it but the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Look through all of the windows and see.I am not sure what he exactly means yet.Maybe some of you do? He just keeps saying look and listen.It is the same thing many Gurus are saying.


March 15
Forecast of a Rebellioin
by W. David Kubiak
(from the Orthodoctor web page)

Although you who know in your heart that Aryans, high priests or Japanese bureaucrats are intrinsically superior beings should be following the argument quite readily now, some innocents may still be wondering, "But why all the goddam secrecy?" Fair question, fast answer: without historical exception, orthodoxies exist solely to enforce and embody egregious inequalities. The social bodies they in-form are always vertically aligned - whether by caste, race, class or corporate ranking - with all those beneath the noble brow inescapably working more, owning little, deciding less, and being steeply looked down upon to boot. Since exploited inferiors regularly outnumber their exploiters by at least a factor of ten, the path to the top is always a perilous ascent which would-be head-men must scale with great force or stealth.

You could, theoretically, confect an egalitarian orthodoxy, but where is the profit in that? If no disproportionate benefits accrued to the founders, who would really bother? To bring such a bootless faith to fruition, you would have to defeat or defang every headquartered hierarch in the neighborhood. Given the fierce habituation of this crowd to their glitter, gold and skyscrapered grandeur, this is a messy prospect at best. Merely facing off against all the individual colonels, CEOs and bureaucrat clergy of the land would scare the equalitarian shit out of most Ghandian goo-goos, let alone confronting the corporate ferocity of their collective rile.

In fact, upon contemplation, it appears so self-evident that challenging the corporate crew's invulnerable power today would be so clearly, plainly and obviously futile, that we may justifiably suspect we are caught up in some vast translucent orthodoxy ourselves. For even if we do not personally inhabit either a major corporate org or recognizable hierarchy, we all still abide in a psycho-social environment that has for many intensive generations been cultured from Big Bodies, by Big Bodies, and for Big Bodies. And that ubiquitous miasma just has to affect our air, not to mention taste and vision. But if Big Body orthodoxy is so universal - especially in all the offices and appliances we consult for aid, info and entertainment - from what remove can we begin to observe it? Where do the fish go to view their water?

Here we should all genuflect and raise rowdy hallelujahs for macho Russo-Yankee missile envy and the graphic largesse of NASA. Even more than the great boons of Tang, Teflon and turkey in a toothpaste tube, their radiant astro-snaps of the home planet have elevated human prospects beyond belief. This potent imagery of the Earth now invites each of us to imaginatively evacuate the corporate premises and re-view our reality from a truly discerning height. And it is from such intuitive altitudes, that we descry our next great open secret:

Orthodoxies are Alive.

"If the co-operation of some thousands of millions of cells in our brain can produce our consciousness, a true singularity, the idea becomes vastly more plausible that the co-operation of humanity, or some sections of it, may determine what Comte calls a 'Great Being'." J.B.S. Haldane

As intimated above, an orthodoxy is not merely a static assortment of canons, codes and myths of regulation. It is above all a vital morphogenetic force field that aligns and synchronizes our beings within a hierarchical Greater Whole. Over time, these Wholes become tightly integrated entities bonded with common symbols, customs, language, etc. But the key adhesive is attention. Ultimately, it matters little how unified your values, myths or goals if your members don't pay any attention to them. Rapt attention, whether elicited with fear, love or fascination, is thus the vital precursor of all social synchronization and the life
force that in-forms, nourishes and animates all corporate bodies.

(Just think how important it is on the human level. Loss of attention entails loss of allegiance, affection, even courteous regard. Fewer people look up to you, look to you, even look at you. This can seriously debilitate an otherwise healthy person, and is absolute murder for hierarchs and Big Bodies.)

Whether we're talking Islam, Communism or Coca Colonialism, orthodoxies all enlarge the same way - by attracting, capturing and if necessary riveting the attention of new humans until they are obediently incorporated within the psychic membranes of the group. (True, methods do differ. Some capture their attendance with the sword, others with siren song, and still others with addictive sweets, but the finally effected Collective Beings are all huge, hierarchical and ambitiously the same.)

From our orbital vantage, we can look down upon the planet's history and observe quite clearly how orthodox bodies arise from natural hopes and fears, engulf millions and spread their sway across all the lands of the world.

For more, please visit:

thanks to Gene Poole for recommending this website


March 16
In America, the teacher gets blamed for everything wrong
by Henry, Dr. Harsh K. Luthar, Jan Barendrecht, Dan Berkow, Ph.D.

I have had my own different teachers and I never have attacked any of my teachers. I do not understand why so many feel that they have to attack their teachers. These very attacks by the students on the teacher, may be why the teacher gets sick and dies. In america, the teacher gets blamed for everything wrong, but no one every blames the students.--Henry

Ultimately, the problem is not the guru (even though he or she might be totally confused). The problem is the imagination that leads people to believe that salvation lies somewhere other than where they already are. --Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

Who would even want to be a teacher, now that everyone who saw a glimpse can and will start teaching? The Internet has taken over verbal teaching and there is so much already that many lives can be spent in nondual detached enjoyment of digesting wisdom.--Jan Barendrecht

Nonduality without discrimination is like a diet of cotton candy - it isn't healthy and isn't wise. In fact, it's in the midst of discrimination that nonduality is found - a naive love that can't discriminate is like trying to have oneness without diversity - it's potentially harmful. Love and wisdom are two sides of one coin.--Dan Berkow, Ph.D.


March 17
The Experience of No-Self: A Contemplative Journey
by Bernadette Roberts
(An outline of the first two chapters)

Chapter 1

Roberts describes a quality of silence she had known on occasions, which was so total as to evoke fear, annihilation, point of no return. Always she would return to her usual self, warding off the fear through willful thoughts of God, thus breaking the silence.

One day, however, that silence could not be broken, for the fear did not come. And so there was no reason to return to the relationship between self and God.

Roberts simply remained in that great silence.

For 8 days the silence rendered her almost unable to function. There were moments of exhaustion and near black-out. Every chore had to be done with great attention to every detail.

By the 9th day, Boberts was able to function as usual, but she noticed a part of her mind had closed down. She had become emptied of the past and come to live in the present moment.

Trying to understand that silence, Roberts first perceived it to be a kind of absorption into God. Then, after a month, she revised her peception to be one of "seeing", a kind of opening-up, not a closing down.

She soon discarded that perception and decided to research the works of John of the Cross. There she found nothing describing her experience.

Coming home that day from the library, Roberts turned her gaze inward and saw there was no longer a center, no longer a self. There was emptiness. She felt great joy and lightness with this knowledge. She decided that this emptiness and joy was Christ. She could live forever with that. However, further annihilation was in the cards.

Chapter 2

After a while, the joy of the emptiness began to wane and Roberts sought to rejuvenate it by spending time alone, simply gazing into the emptiness, which she was still sure was God.

On one such occasion, the emptiness expanded rapidly and every sense of life became drained from her. The realization that came was: "When there is no personal self, there is also no personal God."

This marked the end of an interior spiritual life, as well as any other kind of life. Roberts felt now that she was on an unknown path, lifeless, yet she recognized life all around her. She intensely felt the need to be in nature, as life at home was too routine and lifeless.

Though she found herself in the midst of life during her time of the day she spent in nature, she still had to deal with an intense emptiness.

In a matter of days another realization arrived, a new way of perceiving reality: "God of life was not IN anything, it was just the reverse: everything was IN God."

At this point, Roberts comments on the limitations of language: "One thing is for sure: as long as we are caught up in words, definitions, and all that the mind wants to cling to, we can never see how it works. And until we can go beyond our notions regarding the true nature of life we will never realize how totally secure we really are and how all the fighting for individual survival and self-security is a waste of energy."

Roberts further comments on insights gained. She says insights or realizations are often polluted by being brought to personal experience, conditionings, ideas, and to frames of reference.

The secret to allowing an insight to become a permanent perspective, she offers, is to not touch it or thing about it, but to flow with it. Once an insight is released from a frame of reference (and, most especially, from the frame of reference that it must be released from the frame of reference), the insight or realization is free to become permanent.

About two weeks following the insight that everything is in God, Roberts perception of the world changed. She now could see the Oneness of everthing and could no longer see the separateness or individuality of things, only "THAT into which all separateness dissolves."

Having now transcended the personal and impersonal relationship with God, Roberts could say, "In truth then, God is neither personal nor impersonal, neither within nor without, but everywhere in general and nowhere in particular. Simply put: God is all that truly exists -- all, of course, but the self."

In the next chapter Roberts faces the duality of seeing Oneness and Oneness itself. In other words, she does not stop at any insight. Her journey keeps taking her to, through, and beyond the core of any new realization.

The entire book is outlined


March 18
Halfway up the Mountain - The Error of Premature Claims to Enlightenment
by Mariana Caplan

People want to create an imitation of enlightenment. The demand for an imitation is as great as the demand for the original product. In fact, the imitation has become more profitable. The knockoff is always more profitable . It's much cheaper to do the knockoff than it is to produce the real product. The real product is hand crafted, it takes time and energy . And there is a difference . Anyone who is a master of the craft knows the difference . But for most people, the knockoff is plenty good. That's how life is: the knockoff is good enough for most people . If you are a musician, you can tell when you are listening to a cheap instrument. But amateurs? It doesn't matter. ~~ Jai Ram Smith
(contributed by KKT)


March 19
Karma, Fate and World Process
by M

The understanding that one possesses of karma naturally changes as one progresses in his or her sadhana.

There are those who say that one make's one's own fate, that one's future is solely the result of one's karmic deeds.

There are others who believe in predestiny.

These are both at once applicable, and immaterial. Behold:

Observe the next time you take a bath. Place your right hand on the surface of the water. Put your left hand, pointing up, under the surface of the water near the front of the tub. Now, make a wave by gently splashing your right hand. Before the wave makes contact with the front of the tub, flick your left hand, which is underwater, upwards. You will see that the agitation on the surface cause by the left hand mitigates the wave made by the right hand.

The right hand represents one who is established in the gross world.

The wave made by this right hand represents karma made while ignorant.

The distance between the right hand and the left hand represent the line of time.

The left hand represents one established in the subtle nature, acquired over time.

The wave of the left hand which mitigates the first, and which came from the subtle, represents the notion that the yogi can mitigate existing karma. He cannot eradicate it, but he can mitigate it.

This would seem to lend weight to the notion of creating one's own karma, the making of one's own fate.

And yet, upon entrance into the Heart--the dawn of enlightenment--the yogi sees that there never was 'individual effort' at all. This is impossible. All objectivity, that is to say, the world, is identical with knowledge, and knowledge is that of the knower. Everywhere is the same nature, inward attainment and outward knowledge are in non-difference. Everything that exists is of the nature of Absolute Reality, and all objective phenomenon are the very activity of this Ultimate Reality, which is manifested in knowledge. This world is the knowledge-activity, which is the Will of the Knower. These three, that is to say, Knower, Knowledge and Known are One.

This whole world, which was formerly thought to be full of subjects, which are indeed the binding source of the Matrika, the power inherent in the alphabet, becomes an action verb to the yogi, that is to say, the activity of the Eternal Subject.

And so the latter statement of destiny would seem to apply.

And yet, it is both, and neither. Shiva resides as the 'individual' while taking part in the play as a bound soul, and resides unperturbed by His play, as that which all jivas are destined to awaken to, as the fount and source of all seeming objective manifestation.

Vibrating, expanding and contracting at an infinite rate is He, so that the state of the world and the Transcendent nature are of the nature of One-ness. This infinite vibration resonates throughout the span of these two poles, of seeming bound soul to the infinitude of Shiva.

This is the trick of Lord Shiva. For Spanda, the infinite vibration, takes place not as a seperate phenomenon, such as creator and created, nor as an extension of Shiva, such as projections of limbs. All of this takes place within the context of the Absolute Reality, that is to say, Spanda takes place on the ocean of Consciousness.

Consider a glass. Fill it with water, and then touch a hairdryer to the side of the glass while it is on. The surface of the glass will becomes dizzy with activity, and yet the depths of the glass will remain calm.

The surface on which the waves take place is Shiva; the energy which creates the waves is Shakti, the waves on the surface is Shabda. This energy-vibration or Spanda, is the reflection of Shiva, that is to say, the Play, in which the perfectly calm surface of the ocean of Consciousness takes on specific qualities. These disturbances are moments of cognition, that is to say, Shiva is taking particular notice of Himself.

These waves or dynamic activity are the manifestation of the world process. All of this is the Spanda, or Shiva playing with all the possiblities; it is the play of Consciousness.

As soon as the energy becomes inactive, the waves stop. This is the dissolution of the world process.

From this analogy, one can see that the world is of the nature of dynamism, and is manifested due to Shakti or the energy of Lord Shiva. The energy which makes the waves, makes them from the ocean of Consciousness, which is identical to Shiva, that is to say, the waves or disturbances, are still only Consciousness, the ripples on the glass of water are still only water.

What is the depths of this glass? The Supreme Absolute, Paramashiva. Transcendent, free of qualities, it is the fount and source of all manifestation, as well as That into which all subsides. It is the depths, the Heart, the Ultimate Reality, the junction of manifestation and dissolution.

Coming to rest in the junction (sandhi), the Heart, the Absolute Reality--the level of Consciousness that Transcends convention--all worldly notions become moot. The play of Consciousness is one's own nature, as is the the Heart, from which all knowledge-activity arises and subsides.

The law of karma is relative, that is to say, the waves on the surface follow distinct laws, which are governed by the Will of Shiva.

All things which take place do so according to the law of karma and the Will of Shiva. The law of karma is indeed the will of Shiva.

Even the argument of whether the world is eternal or temporal should be a moot point among yogis, for by the simple glass analogy, we see that all that takes place and subsides does so within the context of the glass of water. The formless Absolute takes form as owing to Spanda, and when His energy of Shakti rests, it is resolved into this same formless Absolute.

One should not worry too much about this world process. One should focus rather on one's sadhana. Through meditation carried out with great faith and devotion, one will come to know the true nature, and that which is important will be known, whereas that which is unimportant will recognized also as superfluous and unnecessary.

Through the above means one should stay single pointed of mind, this is the only real and lasting goal.


March 20
Grace, Grit and Laughter
by Alan Kuntz

Alan: I drive around the block in my truck all the while trying to observe my self. My attention comes into my body,I feel my feet on the floor, my hands on the wheel, the inhale and exhale of breath. All of a sudden I come to find I have gone around the block and forgot to see what I was seeing around me. I tried to control and lost everything I had before me. I wasn't present at all. At that moment I remembered: There was no change at all, just a trip around the block and some laughter afterwards. Some words from Ken Wilber from Grace and Grit:

You can practice mindfulness, because there is forgetfulness; but you cannot practice awareness, because there is only awareness. In mindfulness, you pay attention to the present moment.You try to "be here now" But pure awareness is present state of awareness before you try to do anything about it. Trying to "be here now" requires a future moment in which you will then be mindful; but pure awareness is this moment before you try anything.You are already aware; you are already enlightened. The pointing out instructions go on like this, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for a few hours, sometimes for a few days, until you "get it", until you recognize your own true face, the "face you had before your parents were born" (That is, timeless and eternal, prior to birth and death). And it is a recognition,not a cognition. It's like peering into a window of a department store and seeing a vague figure staring back at you. You let the figure come into focus, and with a shock realize that it is your own reflection of your own Self reflected in the mirror of your own awareness. See? You are already looking right at it. Thus, according to these traditions, basic awareness is not hard to reach, it's impossible to avoid, and so called "paths" to the Self are really obstacle courses.They prevent the recgonition as long as they are engaged. There is only Self, there is only God. As Ramana himself put it: There is neither creation nor destruction, neither destiny nor free will, neither path nor achievment;This is final truth.