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Nonduality: Lists of Teachers, Sages, Gurus

Nisargadatta Maharaj - an important nondual sage (ASMI)

Another Nisargadatta Maharaj web page

Ramana Maharshi - an important nondual sage

The list of lists
of Teachers/Sages/Realizers/Confessors/Masters/Gurus

Divine Inspirators - Many Indian sages that few have heard of. Video clips too.

Guide's, Gurus, and God-Beings - "I aim to list and categorize as many helpful beings as I can living and historical. By helpful I do not necesarily mean that I agree with their views. Rather, I feel that it is helpful to explore a wide range of views."

Guru's Feet - Find your guru ... post your guru.

Lists of Teachers of Advaita Vedanta - A Wikipedia entry. original list of teachers - No longer kept up to date.

Sarlo's Guru Rating Service - Rich with teacher listings, ratings, opinions, and supported by a very active email forum. Links - Good list of many teachers with related material.

Some Teachers of Advaita - Dennis Waite's fine list of teachers with brief commentaries, photos, quotations. An important Advaita/nonduality site.

Spiritual Giants - List of several dozen living spiritual teachers with brief commentary and quotations.

Strictly Spiritual - Includes ratings of gurus and teachers; actively kept up. Good message board. Informative articles.

TAT Forum Index of Authors - Congratulations to TAT on writing this index, which links to articles by each author. Perhaps no other nonduality website is known to possess a useful written index of any kind.

The Thai Forest Traditions - Several recent important teachers not mentioned on other lists of teachers.

Lists of teachers who lived long ago

Arunachala Saints - List of several saints from over the centuries.

Female Buddhas and Bodhisattvas - 32 historical figures, including graphics, supportive material.

The Master List of Masters - List of Zen masters that lived centuries ago.

Zen Lineages - Zen teachers through the centuries.

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